Forest Charm - Wall Art Print Set of 4


Bring the beauty of nature into your home with our "Forest Charm" print poster set. This set of four high-quality wall art prints features adorable animals - a koala, a squirrel, a little wolf, and a rabbit - inside a tree. 

You will receive:

- 4 high-quality art prints.
- Museum-quality posters.
- Made of thick matte paper.
- Water-based inkjet printing technique.

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    60x90cm + $830.00


  • Paper thickness: 10.3 mil (0.26 mm)
  • Paper weight: 189 g/m²
  • Opacity: 94%
  • ISO brightness: 104%
  • Paper is sourced from Japan

We have a type of fine art print with excellent durability because it is acid-free. Using a water-based multicolor inkjet technique with a matte, finish which provides highly scratch-resistant prints on a paper of fibrous material that ensures your prints won't degrade like regular paper.


You will receive 4 high-quality art prints that arrive unframed and ready to frame. Just choose the perfect frame to finish your decor room.


Choose from a variety of sizing options available in our general size guide to get the perfect fit for your printed design. Please make sure to check that the selected size is available for this design.

General size guide:

1-1 Ratio - 18x18 in. / 16x16 in. / 12x12 in. 

2-3 Ratio - 24x36 in. / 20x30 in.

3-4 Ratio - 18x24 in. / 12x16 in. 

4-5 Ratio -  16x20 in. / 8x10 in.

Additional size 11x14 in.


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Immerse your child's room in a world of enchantment and imagination with our captivating set of four "Forest Charm" wall art prints. Each print showcases a beloved forest creature nestled within the branches of a tree, creating a whimsical and charming atmosphere that will delight your little one. Featuring a cuddly koala, a playful squirrel, a majestic wolf, and an adorable rabbit, these prints bring the wonders of nature and the joy of animal companionship into your child's space.

*** Decorate your wall with museum-quality prints. ***


Estilo Watercolor
Subject Animals
Room Nursery, Kids Room, Playroom
Animals Koala, Squirrel, Wolf, Bunny